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Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say.

Edward Snowden
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Information is power. Since the Edward Snowden leaks it has been made obvious that massive worldwide information collection is underway. Internet traffic is being monitored daily and recorded on a regular basis. This is being done by not only governments but also companies and individuals. Simply by becoming what it is, internet has provided ill-intended people with a simple yet efficient way of eavesdropping.

Having in mind the millions of people in need of discretion, and millions more not even aware of this need, led us to the idea of making a statement. A statement called CrypTalk, fighting for the privacy You deserve, for free.

CrypTalk has come up with an innovative approach to safety. Whether you are an average user in need of safe communication, an encryption enthusiast, or a person handling most valuable secrets, our three levels offer you a variety of choices.

If simple data transit protection is what troubles you, the first level offers more than enough, using well known and tested protocols to keep your information safe. Apart from the OTR protocol, and some additional alterations outside the protocol itself which improve general safety, it features an elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman protocol allowing users to establish a secure connection via an insecure channel (the internet). Even with fist level, after analyzing competition on the market, we strongly believe that this is the most secure chat app. How To »

Theoretically however, an experienced eavesdropper could impersonate the person You are trying to contact, acting as a relay point, reading all your messages and sending them forward to the other person without You suspecting a thing (read more).

If You suspect this might be a problem, or find your privacy too valuable to be left to chance, You may establish a second level in person, making sure that from thereon your message arrives where intended uncompromised. This is accomplished using QR codes and camera readers, completing this complex task in just seconds, giving you unprecedented safety. How To »

Nowadays, processing power of computers is rising by the minute, with supercomputers being built and state-of-the-art processors developed. This as a result means that even the best protocols available are susceptible to brute force attacks (being decrypted by trial and error methods), using predictabilities that occur in such protocols.

This is exactly why an encryption method such as OTP is needed, the only method known to be completely immune to brute force attacks. It uses a randomly generated long key, not relying on any mathematics, and therefore having no predictabilities (read more).

If used correctly this method can not be cracked. In order for this to be true you need to generate a really random key. Since computers (phones) honestly suck at this, we added a simple and interesting interface where you swipe your finger all around the screen and your unique key is generated in about 10 seconds using your movements! How To »

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